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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you have heard news that regular physical activity prevents most physical ailments. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that exercise is good for your bones, too.

However, there is only one way to train for strong bones—perform weight bearing or weight-loaded exercise. This includes strength training, walking, hiking, running, skipping, jumping, and dancing. Participating in regular weight bearing exercise—at least three session per week—stimulates our bone-creating cells, osteoblasts, to form new bone.

Use it or lose it. If you are not regularly weight bearing, your bones will demineralize, causing its structure to weaken. This leads to osteoporosis, a condition that is characterized by thinning bones that make the sufferer vulnerable to fractures. Hence, it is important to plan strength training exercise for both your upper and lower body.

The following are two exercises that can be performed on your next walk through the neighborhood or park:

Stair step-ups
*Strengthens your whole leg*

Stand in front of a set of stairs or low bench (lower than your knees) with your right foot on the step. With a slight forward lean, and navel pressed in tight, squeeze your gluts, curl your left toes up, and step up. Slowly lower your left foot back down. Repeat as many as you can slowly, then repeat on the opposite side.





Scap squeeze push-ups
*Strengthens your chest, back, and arms*

Place your hands on the back of a park bench, concrete planter, wall, or ground—the lower you are to the ground, the more challenging this will be. Curl your tailbone under you to prevent your lower back from bowing. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly lower your chest, bringing your elbows to 90 degrees. Straighten your arms, as you draw your shoulder blades apart. Repeat as many times as you can with good form.

If you are currently sedentary, a phone call to your regular physician is necessary to find out whether or not you might have restrictions regarding the type of weight bearing exercise you choose to participate in.

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